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Information and FAQ's

The Top 10 FAQ's Questions most frequently asked.

1. How long will you want my vehicle for?
The average repair time is five working days, time scales vary from two days to several months. Generally we will not contact our customers within the first five working days of repairs or before the estimated completion advised, unless we encounter a problem.

2. Why would you have a vehicle for several months?
We are heavily reliant on a supply of Genuine replacement parts, mainly a two day order. If a certain part is no longer in production, the Dealers will search the country to find one in stock, which will take sometime. Although rare, it happens from time to time, we will keep you informed.

3. Do I need to chase the progress of my vehicle?
If you feel more comfortable knowing the status of repair, by all means ring and ask. We have a production meeting every day, where every vehicle on site is discussed and progressed through the system. We deal with two hundred vehicles on site at any one time.

4. Will you ring me on completion?
Once your vehicle repairs are complete we will contact you by return.

5. What is my excess paying for? When do I pay it?
The excess is the first X of your claim, the remainder is invoiced to your Insurance Company. The excess is paid to us on completion, cash or credit card over the phone.

6. If I damage your courtesy car, or it's vandalised, do I have to pay another excess on collection?
Yes, as your current insurance cover automatically transfers to our courtesy car. We offer every customer the opportunity of protecting yourself against paying another excess. for as little as 15% of your excess value, we will pay your excess in full if a claim is made against our courtesy car. Reception will offer this service when you arrange your booking in date, it is known as CDW waiver.

7. Do you Valet my vehicle on return?
No, we give your vehicle a courtesy clean, which is basically a wash and vac. We do carry out valeting at two star and three star rating upgrades. Two star for £20 and three star at £75 both include vat. If you are interested just ring reception and ask, book or just enquire.

8. Do you do private work, chips, dents etc..?
Yes, and in most cases Private work costs less than half price due to repair work already undertaken. It must be requested and agreed before the main job is completed obviously.

9. Do you have a web site, and will I get feed back?
Yes, you can visit us at anytime at your e-mails will be answered asap.

10. Is your work fully guaranteed?
Yes. all repairs are guaranteed for a minimum of 12 months.

Important Notice & Information

Vehicle Repairs

As a professional Accident Repair Company, we strive to get all our customers vehicles back in service as quickly as possible. We understand totally the inconvenience suffered without a car. However, on top of the time taken to repair the obvious panel damage, we feel sure that customers realise the complexities of today's modern motor vehicle. Most are made up of very sophisticated sub-parts - e.g. computer engine management systems, complex electrical components etc., all of which take time to assess correctly and repair or replace. These parts can be, and often are, damaged by the smallest knocks.
These factors, after a provisional inspection and estimate, make it all the more difficult to give an exact time the total repair will take. Therefore, we will contact you to keep you aware of the progress of your damaged vehicle and promise it's return as soon as possible.

Disconnection of Battery

During the course of any vehicle repairs it may be necessary to disconnect the battery for safety reasons. This will result in security codes, normally retained by Radio/CD/ Cassette systems, to be erased. Therefore, it is imperative that these codes are recorded correctly by the customer before repairs commence. Nationwide Crash Repair Centres accept no responsibility for costs incurred by the customer to re-code Radio/CD/Cassette equipment.

Personal Property

The Repairer accepts responsibility for the safe keeping of items put into custody of it's receptionist, and for which a receipt has been given. However, all items left in the vehicle are left at the owners risk.

Excess Payments

Excess payments are your liability when making an insurance claim. It is your agreement with your insurance company to pay us (the repairer) the first (x amount of pounds) for every claim. All excess payments are payable on completion or prior (Motability) to repairs being carried out.

VAT Payments

If you are VAT registered you will also be asked to pay the VAT element on the final repair account. This cannot be calculated until the repair is completed and all costs have been accounted for. This may cause a slight delay at the end of the repairs but can usually be calculated within 2 hours of completion.

Please Note