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Smart Repairs - Stone Chip Repairs

Smart Repairs, Stone Chip Repairs

Stone chips are the most common kind of damage, especially for cars that do lots of motorway miles. Each chip in it’s self is usually so small that people tend to overlook this kind of damage and just accept it as inevitable. But having stone chips repaired with the correctly matched paint can make a dramatic difference to the appearance of your car, especially on dark coloured paintwork.

Using colour matched paint and an artists brush, our practiced staff can fill chips and small scratches which are little wider than a hair. Our highly trained staff can do a smart repair on your vehicle to mask to chips

Larc UK offers a stone chip touch-in service in conjunction with any of our other services. Prices start from as little as £10 + vat. If you already have a touch-in paint, bring it with you. If not, we can mix up or order one for you.

As an alternative to our Stone Chip Repair service, some small scrapes and scuffs can often be rectified without the need for filling, priming and spraying. Most commonly this is used for people who have hit curb stones while parking, or run over bricks and other road debris, damaging the seals and underside sections of the car. Because these areas are not as noticeable as the main body panels, often it is good enough to colour the effected area, protecting it from corrosion and making it far less noticeable.

Do you have small chips or cracks in your windscreen these too can be repaired, sometimes insurance companies will pay for the repairs.

Alloy Wheel Refurbishment

Have you had a few scuffs with high roadside curbs causing damage to your alloy wheels? Or have your alloy wheels become very pitted and lost their original lustre?

We can help send us an mage of the damage and we will send you a quote for the work.